The Key to Sweden




Ken Taylor Ken Taylor is an international business communications consultant based in Greenwich outside London. He has lived and worked in Vietnam, Zambia and Sweden.
Åke Daun

Åke Daun Professor and Head of the Institute of Ethnology at Stockholm University and the Nordic Museum, and author of the book ”Swedish Mentality”.

Ulf Boman Ulf Boman partner and senior consultant at Kairos Future, director of the business area "Society & Leadership". Kairos Future is an international research and consulting firm that helps companies understand and shape their futures with a unique holistic approach to futures analysis, strategy and change.
Maria Khorsand

Maria Khorsand is CEO of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Maria was born in Iran and moved to Los Angeles when she was 15 to study computing. She moved to Sweden in 1987 and started an impressive career including posts at Ericsson and OMX.

Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg

Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg was for many years the high­profile spokesperson for the Swedish Royal Court, and later Head of HRH The Crown Princess’s Household. She subsequently worked as an International Relations Advisor for the Emir of Quatar. She is now an expert commentator at TV4.

Lesley Lesley Pennington is the founder and CEO of Bemz.
Lesley had worked in the IT industry for over 20 years when she finally realised that she was not in touch with her inner female self. It was on her voyage of self discovery that she found IKEA and sofa covers and voilà, an idea and company was born.
Steve Hardwick

Steve Hardwick Head of Product, responsible for the manufacture and administration of unitised investment and risk products in Skandia Sweden.