The Key to Sweden




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Working with the Swedes – Business dos and don'ts
How should newcomers to Sweden do business with Swedes? And how can those who have been here a while achieve better results when working with Swedish colleagues, clients and partners?

International speaker and communication consultant Ken Taylor gives an "outside-in" view of Swedish business culture and takes up some of the joys and difficulties of working in Sweden

16.30 Short break

Why are Swedes so Swedish?
Foreign businessmen who work in Sweden often describe Swedes as polite, though not very talkative, emotionally reserved, conflict avoiding and striving for compromise, well organized and practically oriented. Some say that Swedes come across as boring.

Where does all this come from? Åke Daun will explain.


The global and multi-cultural work life in Sweden

Swedish companies expand to the global arena while international companies set up- or buy -business in Sweden. What implications do these changes bring with them to work life in Sweden? Ulf Boman, partner and senior consultant at Kairos Future, will present new research on ”global work-life” in Sweden, focussing on how Swedes feel about working with foreign managers and colleagues.

17.20 Afternoon coffee

How I made it in Sweden
Maria Khorsand was born in Iran and moved to Los Angeles when she was 15 to study computing. She moved to Sweden in 1987 after marrying a Swede and started her career at Ericsson. Her career continued at OMX and she is now CEO of SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

In an interview with editor James Savage, Maria Khorsand will explain how she advanced up the career ladder in Sweden, and the impact of her foreign background on her progression.

18.10 The Swedes and their royals
Sweden has one of the most popular royal families in the world and Swedes are strong supporters of the monarchy. A key figure in the modernization of the Swedish royal court is Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, the long-serving palace spokesperson, now an expert commentator at TV4. In this lecture she talks about the role of the monarchy and the bonds between the Swedes and the Royals.

Doing better business in Sweden
A panel of leading executives and successful business people discusses how foreigners can maximize their chances of success in Sweden. What advice does the panel have for people doing business and pursuing a career in Sweden? What problems and pitfalls have they encountered? How important is learning the language?

Listen to Lesley Pennington from Bemz, the successful manufacturer of sofa covers for IKEA, Maria Khorsand from SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Steve Hardwick from Skandia and our experts Ken Taylor and
Åke Daun.

19.00 Three highlights at Moderna Museet
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