James Savage, Managing Editor The Local

Seminar invitation

Företagsuniversitetet and The Local invite foreign professionals in Sweden
to an afternoon of insight into how to succeed in Swedish business.


The Key to Sweden
– six routes to success in Swedish business life

Thursday 30 September 2010 15.00-20.30 at Moderna Museet in Stockholm

Sweden's openness to the world, the population's excellent command of English and the presence of so many multinational companies make Sweden a magnet for foreign talent.

But once on the ground in Sweden, many of us find that there are many things we still
don't understand about the country:

what is it with the meetings where nobody makes
a decision?
how do I do my job as a boss without upsetting a team used to consensual decision-making?
how do I build up my personal brand?
are the fika breaks compulsory?
should I challenge the status quo or accept I'm in
a foreign country and work with it?

We will be bringing together a host of experts at Moderna Museet in Stockholm to answer precisely these questions and point the way to a more effective business life in Sweden.

There is a limited number of seats at this seminar. Book by clicking on the button above or
by phoning 08-600 62 00.

Seminar fee

2 900 SEK.

Welcome to a unique afternoon at Moderna Museet in Stockholm!

All the Best

James Savage
Managing Editor The Local
and moderator for "The Key to Sweden"